Diamond In The Rough

December 7, 2021

Science advances by applying rigorous skepticism to its own ideas.

A new theory or approach is developed, and then presented to the entire scientific world to be bombarded with critique, testing and meticulous analysis where peers attempt to falsify it.

These new scentific theories will go through the relentless mangle of attempted falsification, repeatedly and forever, until better ideas are found to replace it.

This is called ‘The Scientific Method’ and it is what has driven unparalleled scientific progress and breakthrough, since the 17th century.

Our understanding of the Universe, our world and everything on it and in it, is thanks to science’s cynical and distrusting perspective of its own ideas, and its willingness to try and destroy them.

But we don’t see this approach within our theories around gender politics.

The theory of patriarchy for example is seemingly above approach and rarely subjected to this rigorous bear pit of self inflicted skepticism.

Those who support this theory do not try to falsify it at all, in fact, their efforts are spent trying to protect it *from* falsification.

So as new and alternative ideas and viewpoints are presented, discrepancies found, and flaws pointed out; instead of becoming an opportunity to rethink or expand patriarchy as a theory, it simply becomes a mindless exercise of batting away accountability, critique and reason as fast as possible.

And so we all witness the jarring displays of non-sensical mental gymnastics, or the desperate spluttering of semantic knit picking, or in some cases, childish cries of ‘misogyny!’

As a result, it remains vaguely formulated and unfalsifiable by design, and anyone who steps up to challenge it, better be ready for dragon fire and brimstone.

This to me, is not science.

It is far closer to ideology – and we ought to remember that before we so willingly allow it to dictate our politics, education and provision of social support.

What is it to you?

Image by alecsander-alves of Unsplash #ttmpat


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