Dear, Silent Reader

March 24, 2021

Growing up, if I learnt anything from my time playing Medieval Total War II, it was this.

The best way of winning any battle, was to give the other army a route to retreat. If you surround your opponent, block them from all angles and back them into a corner, they’ll fight to the very end and take you with them.

And here nobody wins.

However, if you leave just a little space for them – a common ground, if you like – they’ll much more often retreat, with far less damage inflicted upon either side.

The same is true now.

As this is the ONLY way you can hope to change the mind of those you engage with online.

Because nobody, and I mean nobody, changes their mind when they’re angry, when they’re threatened, or feel under attack. If anything, their opinions will be entrenched.

What’s more, you set a bad example of yourself. You alienate the people watching. You cause undue pain. And to be frank, you make me look bad too.

So please, let’s all learn from Medieval Total War II. Let’s give space for people to reconsider their stance.

And most of all, please let’s be civil, even with those we don’t agree with.



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