June 25, 2022

We live in a new online world, with new rules and new tools.

And like everything else, these new digital realities have dark and unexplored corners; those of cyberstalking, and social bullying, of cancel culture and deplatorming, of online outrage and organised censorship.

There’s calling out and calling in, there’s checking your privilege, and updating your vocabulary to the latest politically correct firmware.

Often I see the discussion of cyberstalking and cyberbulling dominated by the same antiquated ‘male perpetrator and female victim narrative’, the same shady male figure, sat in the same dingy bedroom, quietly keeping track of his victim.

But is this the reality of how cyberbullying and cyberstalking actually works, or is there more to be said about the new digital landscape that unfolds in front of us?

[1] Misogyny on Twitter
[2] Girls use a different kind of weapon


Images by Adrian Regeci, Umberto Deb, Amal S, Ales Nesetril Andras Vas from Unsplash.


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