Complex Problems ~ Simple Solutions

March 6, 2022

Social media is something we do at bus stops, during ad breaks or whilst we’re sitting on the the toilet.

It’s quick, easy and accessible, it penalises long form ideas, does not promote trustworthiness and often rewards provocative, inflammatory statements.

These are all bad things, when it comes to political discussion; which needs calmness, complexity and cohesive, transparent ideas.

This fall out is felt most of all in the highly emotive issues of domestic and sexual violence, of mental health, and pay gaps; where the already complex discussion, get mixed with painful personal experiences to become both narrowed and super-heated.

The result we all know.

Discourse without nuance, of bitter personal rivalries and who-has-it-worse arguments.

It hurts all people.

And at the centre I feel are the all-too-familiar one word answers, to complex issues; that don’t enlighten, but only divide and confuse and distract.

So how do we have better discussion, how do we find better words and more useful answers?

Images by Luce Nicoletti, Joshua Coleman, Sam Moqadam and Jonathan Borba.


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