#Bring Back Our Girls

December 5, 2020

In 2014 the world’s heart broke when it heard the tragic news that 276 Nigerian girls had been kidnapped by terrorist organisation Boko Haram.

No expense was spared in trying to get them back; with Governments, politicians, celebrities and philanthropists banding together to find them and bring their captors to justice.

But has an even greater amount of stolen boys slipped past public consciousness?

WSJ, The Kidnapped Boys of Boko Haram www.wsj.com/articles/the-kidnapped-boys-of-boko-haram-1471013062
LA Times, Dozens of Boys Killed tinyurl.com/y44szkb3
NYT, Bomb at School in Nigeria Kills Nearly 50 Boys, tinyurl.com/yxqozaoz

#sexism #bokoharamttm #bringbackourgirls #bringbackourboys #feminism #feminist #egalitarian #egalitarianism


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