Break The Wheel

September 12, 2021

If words can be inclusive, they ought to be.

And when it comes to ‘firemen’ and ‘policemen’, the world happily gender neutralises its language to rightly make room for other genders, no matter how small of a minority they are.

Yet when it comes to our highly gendered narratives and policies about sexual and domestic violence, where *far more* female perpetrators and male victims will be excluded, we do nothing.

And I’m not talking about a flier, a tv ad, or a billboard over the road.

No, I’m talking about the biggest, most widely adopted and most influential frame work to identify and reduce domestic violence on the planet.

A ‘wheel of power and control’ that doesn’t fit the reality of domestic violence, and never did, that is entirely gendered and has slipped the beady eyed net of inclusively for years.

I’m talking about The Duluth Model.

The Duluth Wheel –
Ellen Pence Quote (full) –

Illustration by Guilherme Furtado from the Noun Project



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