July 19, 2021

“One in six men are sexually abused”, Source:

Yes, it’s unpopular to say, but no less true.

A lot of people don’t like to hear it. Especially those who claim to advocate against sexual violence.

Instead they silence you, ironically by accusing you of silencing others.

Sadly, if you advocate in this way, if you extend your compassion to men, then you’re a misogynist.

Or if you’re a woman who does the same, then you’re internally oppressed, or simply looking for male attention.

To those who are on the receiving end of this, I want you to know – take it as a compliment.

Because attacking or undermining someone’s character, or gaslighting them, is almost always a sign that the person hurling insults can’t deal with the point you’re making.

So have you experienced this too?

Full Johnathon Pie video here:

Illustrations by Amrit Mazumder, Jony, Les Kleuver, SELicon, abeldb from the Noun Project


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