BIGI: A Good Life

November 26, 2021

I recently posted about the flawed approach to measuring gender inequality by the World Economic Forum’s GGGR, so today I thought I’d share a different approach that I’ve found a be a lot fairer.

The BIGI [Basic Indicator of Gender Inequality], measures three ingredients to what it calls ‘a good life’ – health, education and life satisfaction, around the world.

It is a simplified, unbiased and solution focused survey on global gender inequality, and unlike the GGGR, it also measures how and where men and boys are disadvantaged.

The BIGI found that both men and women experience significant, but different, disadvantages across the globe.

Summarising that in general men were behind in the developed world, particularly in health and education, whilst women were disadvantaged in emerging nations – particularly those in Africa and within education.

In the words of BIGI, ‘it is important to realise that gender equality is not a zero-sum game. Instead, improving the position of one gender will likely positively influence the other gender as well.’

So is this the kind of perspective we need to see more of?

What do you think?


Images by ann-savchenko from Unsplash

Illustration by Allie of the Noun Project


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