Behind Closed Doors

June 10, 2021

Patriarchy is a theory predicated on the idea that the man is the head of the family.

But how can this be true when that man doesn’t even have equal rights?

If he’s the victim of *systemic* sexism, where his children can be taken from him?

And is treated by society as a second class parent?

And please don’t tell me this parental inequality is a response to sexism against women, because it simply isn’t.

The reason why British fathers don’t have equal parental rights is a matter of historic record and fact.

They were legislated away in 1989 after the government were lobbied by MPs Harriet Harmen, Patricia Hewitt and Anna Coote.

This post tells the story of Jolly Stanesby and his equally courageous daughter, Rosy Stanesbury.

It’s a story of heartbreak, of spandex, of dizzying heights and of a deeply corrupt, secret court system.

So honest answers: in the conversation of equality, is there anything worse in life, than losing your chid?

And what would you do to win them back?

Rosy’s incredible talk is here, in full:

Fathers for Justice:



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