Apex Fallacy

February 22, 2022

The conversation about gender equality is too narrow, in too many ways.

When I ask about how men are advantaged, the finger is always pointed upward; way above the clouds, to the highest echelon of the pyramid.

And yes I see them too.

The men at the top, the rich and influential men, the ones disproportionately in places of power.

It’s all very well and good, but what about the remaining pyramid? The 99.9% of men who are not king-of-the-world billionaires?

The so called ‘privileged’ men who are disproportionately paying the price of homelessness, of addiction, incarceration, alcoholism, violent crime and suicide?

Those burdened with ill health, and who die younger in every country on earth?

Why are we extending blanket assertions of ‘privilege’ to them?

No, the men at the top do not care for these men. And they certainly aren’t using their power to write gendered laws, secure provision, or build a tyrannical structure of oppression for them.

So is it time we saw the full picture of the male experience, and widened our view of equality to not only see those at the top, but those squashed at the very bottom too?

What do you think?

Homeless Deaths https://tinyurl.com/yc38mht2
Billionaires https://tinyurl.com/2uvwuvdw

Image by michael-dziedzic of Unsplash


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