Amber Heard Is Not A Meme

May 8, 2022

Amber Heard. I’ve seen countless #mepoo and #amberturd memes, and yet very little substance or effort to have a real conversation about what domestic violence is.

The same childish comments, simplistic narratives and boring catchphrases have come back around, yet again, except now spat from the other side.

People, including those who I follow, using Johnny’s story not to have meaningful and honest discourse about ‘what is abuse?’

But to instead prop up their content, with lazy hashtags and meaningless catchphrases.

Well done, you’re just like them now 👏

Selfishlessly squandering what could (still) be a pivotal moment in time, to actually talk about abusive behaviour, and get to the bottom of what causes it.

I’m not asking you to believe Amber, I’m not asking you to like her (I don’t) I’m just asking you to treat this case with the same dignity that we ask others to treat men.

Really - this is not about Amber Heard, or Johnny, or you or me. It is about having useful conversations, that move away from the culture war, and instead seek real answers.

And I don’t see it happening.

Images by marcel-strauss from Unsplash
BPD Tweet by @fightthroughmentalhealth



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