Am I Wrong?

April 10, 2021

Since setting up this account I’ve had a joke bouncing around in my head, and it goes a little like this –

A car is speeding the wrong way down a busy road and a news helicopter hovers above, capturing the story as it develops.

Meanwhile, at home, a family watches it all unfold on their TV until the youngest child asks – ‘isn’t that the road grandad takes home from work?’

After a moments pause, the room suddenly erupts into panic, as the mother frantically tries to call him.

“Grandad, get off the road, there’s a lunatic driving the wrong way!” She yells down the phone.

But grandad replies in an even bigger panic himself – “It’s not just one person! Everyone’s driving the wrong way!’

Yes I know. It’s not a very funny joke, but it makes me ponder this account.

As it would make sense that I am that old man too - driving against the mainstream.

Because let’s be honest, we’re the underdogs here and we’re vastly outnumbered.

So I check the data, re-read the facts, open myself up for rebuke, share my sources and… well, I’m not wrong, it all adds up. ✅

But someone has to be wrong, and whoever it is, is going to crash hard.


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