Advocate Of Revenge

December 16, 2021

I am still young and in my early thirties, I did not build the system we are all hurt by.

I did not ‘write the laws’, I did not ‘start the wars’, I did not construct, and I am not part of, a bogeyman-esque cult, or secret society of men.

I have roughly the same amount of political power as you do. And I personally played as big of a part in getting us to where we are now, as anyone else.

And I despair at the idea of some so called ‘gender equality advocates’ who seem to think the issues and ideas I discuss on this page are okay, or allowable, as women were hurt first and we’re just ‘swinging the pendulum back’ for an undisclosed amount of time.

Let’s keep this simple. Sexism is sexism. It is unjustifiable and is a solution to precisely nothing.

Boys in school being marked down for equal work, by a systemically sexist Western educational system – is not equality.

Men suffering the fate of underfunded and under researched male health – is not equality.

A populace that stands by and watches as hard working men are rolled over by an automated America, and who pay the price of joblessness and suicide, is not one of equality.

Because you don’t find a pendulum’s centre, by swinging it back in the opposite direction.

You find it through not swinging it all.

You don’t balance a see saw by piling weight onto the other side, it is balanced by getting off of it.

And a car that is careening out of control, is not corrected by swerving it hard to the other side – it is corrected by taking your foot of the gas.

So which are you?

And which story will you help write into the history books?

Will you contribute a line of equality, or one of revenge?

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Images by: Artur Kornakov, Ash Edmonds, Joe Shields, Victoria-Kubiaki and An Vision on Unsplash.


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