Advocacy Begins Here

January 6, 2022

Part of advocacy is learning when to sit down and listen.

The conversation of racism, should be led by the minorities most affected by it.

The conversation of gay rights, should be led by the gay community.

The conversation around women’s reproductive rights, must be led by the women fighting for them.

And yes, so too this must be consistent with the issue of male suicide and #mensmentalhealth.

With the voice of the male experience lifted up, amplified and heard.

Yet, it so often isn’t.

Often I see this male experience dictated to, yet again, by feminist ideologues.

Those who have no real understanding of what it’s like to live as a man, yet feel entitled enough to speak on our behalf regardless.

So why not just sit down and be quiet?

Why not learn the lesson you taught me, yourself?

‘This isn’t about you.’

💔 typo ‘lead’ = led

Images by – nikola-knezevic, nathan-dumlao, schiller-abendzeit, Ranurte, and allec-gomes from Unsplash.


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