‘Ad Hominem’

March 14, 2022

People attack what they don’t like, understand or what scares them.

And often within the discussion of gender, the words people reach for, are not particularly nice – ‘sexist’, ‘incel’, ‘pick me’…

These are not words intended on furthering discussion, or understanding one another; they are intended entirely to silence and shame. To throw mud at the other and avoid scrutiny of ones self.

But progress is not achieved by virtue signalling and social posturing. It is achieved through brave boat rocking and continual challenge.

So as we continue to question our commonly held beliefs around gendered violence, sexism, discrimination and men’s mental health; as we continue to walk the tight rope of social justice, it’s important to note that you cannot dodge every custard pie thrown at us.

Sooner or later, the tar of terrible words will hit us.

So how do we navigate such a place? How do we handle such words?

How do we talk to those who would readily reach for insults, rather than reason?

~Images by Ross Sokolovski, Ben Wicks, Elena G and Pete Nuij.


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