A Woman’s Choice

June 19, 2022

It’s a strange thing how many people support women’s autonomy, but only when it’s her autonomy to do the things we like.

We all love body confident, empowered and independent women; those who know who they are, what they want and aren’t afraid to go get it.

We allow this kind of autonomy.

But when a woman steps outside of these ideals, one who wants to be a stay at home mum for example, then suddenly, for some, she’s ‘internally oppressed’ and clearly brainwashed.

Her autonomy is revoked.

I see the women in my comments sections confronted with this paradox too – called a ‘pick me’ or patriarchal handmaiden, simply for having their own ideas, opinions and questions.

So too we see the same phenomena when a woman is an abuser - the people who championed women’s autonomy, suddenly shuffle their feet awkwardly.

‘She didn’t mean it’, ‘he made her’, ‘she’s the victim’, ‘she had no choice!’

Such as the #justiceforjohnnydepp fiasco.

And like that, her autonomy is gone.

So remember, women’s autonomy is also her autonomy to do bad and to make decisions you *don’t* agree with.

So what kind of autonomy do you support?

Images by Javier Miranda, Molly Blackbird, Melvin Ankrah, Jana Sabeth, Jakob Owens, Conscious Designs from Unsplash


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