A Story About Ants

May 31, 2021

I don’t give relationship advice – and certainly not to ants.

But if I were to, it would be the same advice I give to those who discuss politics:

And that is, arguments are never about *me vs you*, they’re only about *both of us vs the problem.*

Working together by listening carefully, through making subtle distinctions and granting good faith, is the only road forward.

Politics is not a game of football, and we shouldn’t blindly follow our own political sides ‘through thick and thin’, like we do our favourite sports teams.

This binary division of politics is fundamentally flawed, and is a distraction from the outside and often hidden truth.

So let’s learn from the ants 🐜

Images by – Keszthelyi Timi, Sian Cooper, Faris Mohammed and Usgs


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