We Lack A Positive Narrative For Men

May 5, 2021

Don’t tell me you stand for men’s mental health and male suicide, if your approach is to internalise men’s problems, to call them toxic and ultimately, blame and gaslight them for their own suffering.

The reality is that the causes of male suicide are not just internal, they are real; they are societal, they are systemic and they are perpetrated by all of us.

We are all responsible for creating toxic *attitudes toward* masculinity and we all need to make a collective effort to help men seek help.

We need a better narrative around men’s mental health, we need to point out those who are obfuscating truth with their cruel, ideological red herrings.

And we need to accept that the epidemic of male suicide will not be solved through a mere change of male mind set.

It can only come through societal change.

So let’s see what we can learn from the Australians, who are leading the way in their progressive new approach to male friendly support services.

Read more here:
Australian Men’s Health Form (AMHF) https://tinyurl.com/stbh29tf

Illustration by AomAm
Photography by Joey Csunyo


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