A Day Without Women?

March 8, 2021

Women. You ought to know, so much of my life that is good I learnt from you.

The words of conviction I speak, are the ones you said to me first. This courage to stand up and be counted, is the courage I saw in your eyes. This ability to look inward and see myself, is one you taught me.

And this tin heart that cares for all people, no matter the gender, is one you helped me to find.

So to our followers, family and friends, to all feminists, MRAs, egalitarians and those who don’t quite know yet.

To those on the right, on the left or somewhere in the middle. To all those who like our content and to all those who don’t.

To the women we love, the women we admire and the women we respect - to all women.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay.


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