A Date For Your Diary 2

December 28, 2020

On @thetinmen we’ve discussed how Government often spends more on women’s health, we’ve spoken on how education in the West is more beneficial to girls than boys. We’ve talked about how women are more likely to use emergency services than men are, and how much of welfare support, particularly that of domestic violence provision, is dedicated to women and not men.

These are a few ways in which a disproportionate amount of tax money is funnelled into helping, supporting and enabling women, more so than men.

So if women are getting more out, who is putting the most back in through taxes?

And why is this never talked about when discussing the #genderpaygap?

Taxes UK 17/18 tinyurl.com/yd9nfztd

Illustration by Rob Gill
Photography by jeshoots.com, Alexander Schimmeck and Fidel Fernando

#equalpay #genderpaygap #paygap #equalhoursday #egalitarian #egalitarianism #feminism #feminist #mensrights


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